We make all of our desserts in house, by hand, this includes mixing and making colors with food coloring. Variations in color, design, and details are to be expected.


We reserve the right to artistic interpretations on all orders.


We will not refund orders for this type of discrepancy as we do our best to create desserts that are beautiful and tasteful with the available resources we have.



We shall reserve the right to refund a customer only in the event that we cannot fulfill the order and shall notify the customer via email of this. 

Any product that is not picked up on the agreed upon date will also not be refunded.

We will not honor any rescheduling due to COVID. 

We will not honor any refunds due to COVID. 


We do not keep your personal information other than your name, email address and order history. All credit card information is held privately. 

We will never ask for payment over the phone to help protect our customers. All custom orders will be paid via our secure payment portal. All online orders will be placed online as well through a secure payment portal. 

We may on occasional send an email newsletter out with information on new products, events or promotions. You may opt out at anytime.