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Smash Cakes

Baby's first birthday is an important milestone! And what better way to celebrate than with a little smash cake all for them! 

Choose from a custom smash cake or our popular pre-designed smash cakes that can be ordered directly off of our website on the Order tab!


Baby smashing a first birthday cake
First Birthday Cake and a Baby

About Our Smash Cakes


Our smash cakes are 4" in diameter and come with 3 layers of vanilla cake and 2 filling layers of vanilla buttercream. The outside of the cake can be decorated in a variety of buttercream styles to match your baby's birthday theme. 

Please note that we do not make any character or novelty themed cakes such as Disney themes, TV Shows/Movies, Sports. 

We do not work with fondant. We do not write on the cakes, they are too small. 


All of our cakes are made with our bakery standard recipes.


We do not add any unnecessary amounts of sugar to our cakes. Our "naked" smash cake is the best "low sugar" option as it does not include a lot of exterior buttercream frosting.

Our cakes contain flour, sugar, butter, milk, eggs, vanilla extract, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Our buttercream consists of butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and water. 

baby smash cake

Custom Pricing 

The final price of the cake is dependent on the design of the cake. 

Simple Smash Cakes starting at $20 

Detailed Smash Cakes starting at $25

Elaborate Smash Cakes starting at $30+

Simple Design - a cake with minimal buttercream piping, a simple outer frosting or texture and/or no additional flourishes, white buttercream or chocolate buttercream.

Detailed Design - a cake with detailed piping, flourishes, dyed frosting, multiple frosting colors or color gradients (ombre), sprinkles and overall more labor involved. Most fall in this style range.

Elaborate Design - a cake with the whole nine yard, including but not limited to the "detailed" cake description plus other elements or materials such as ganache drip, gold leaf, chocolate details, custom frosting colors and overall very labor intensive. Some details and garnishes may increase the price.

Smash Cake Photo Gallery

Click on the pictures below to see examples and descriptions of our smash cakes.

How to Order

Custom boho daisy smash cake

Shop Pre-Styled Smash Cakes

Order from our most popular smash cakes designs directly from our website!

baby and first cake, smash cake

Order a Custom Smash Cake

Send us an email to

But be sure to check our pre-styled cakes first!

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