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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions on this page. Follow the below guide to answer all of your questions. If you still need help, send us an email or give us a call during business hours. 

  • What is Considered a Custom Order?
    Custom orders are cakes, cake pops cookies and other treats that are not available to order in our online shop. We carry our most popular cakes, cookie assortments, cake pops and cupcakes in our online web shop and those orders can be placed directly through the website. We recommend checking our online shop first before placing a custom order. We take a limited amount of custom orders a week but can usually accommodate an order from our pre-designed online shop options. Please visit our online shop first before emailing us for a custom order.
  • How Do I Place a Custom Order?
    All custom orders must be placed via email. We do not accept custom orders in person or over the phone. For custom orders, please send us an email to Please include as much detail as possible so we can better assist you. -First and Last Name - Phone Number - Date desserts are need by - Type of dessert(s) you are interested in - Number of people you are serving - Attach any inspiration pictures to your emails **COMCAST/GMAIL EMAILS & SPAM FOLDER" We strive to respond to all emails within 1-2 business days. If you have not heard back from us, please check your SPAM folder, sometimes our emails get filtered. If you still have not heard back from us please give us a call to check in. Sometimes your emails get filtered to us.
  • How Do I Order a Cake?
    There are several options for cake designs depending on your needs. Traditional Cakes - These can be ordered on our website directly - These are our most popular cake styles and flavors - Limited customization such as flavor or color which will be noted on the product page Custom Cakes - We will create a cake to your vision - You provide pictures, examples or styles from our website and social media - We only make cakes in buttercream - WE DO NOT MAKE FONDANT CAKES - WE ONLY MAKE ROUND CAKES - Our cake flavors are preset. We do not allow mixing and matching. - Please see our Custom Cake Page under the Menu Tab for more information To Order a Traditional Cake - Go to the Order tab and place it online directly To Order a Custom Cake - Go to the Custom Cake page under Menu and submit an online inquiry or email us the information to We strive to respond to all emails within 1-2 business days. If you have not heard back from us, please check your SPAM folder, sometimes our emails get filtered. If you still have not heard back from us please give us a call to check in. Sometimes your emails get filtered to us. We don't know why, but we blame Gmail.
  • How Do I Order Sugar Cookies
    What Kind of Frosting Do You Use? Our sugar cookies are made using buttercream frosting. We do not make cookies in royal icing (smooth, hard frosting type) which is commonly seen on Pinterest. Our techniques are styles are therefore different and limited to what you see online. We recommend looking at our Sugar Cookie page or Social Media to see examples of the cookies we make. What Size are the Sugar Cookies? Most of our cookies are about 3" to 4" in size. The size is dependant on the manufacturer and we cannot change the size of the cookies. We try to make them a able serving size. We do not make mini sugar cookies. How Do I Order Pre-Designed Cookies We have a selection of our most popular designs for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers and holidays on our webside under the Order tab. You can purchase these directly from our website and they have a limited amount of customization for a fixed price. Customization may include colors and some small text, please see the product desciption page for the available customization options. How Do I Order Custom Cookies? Custom cookies are concidered any cookie that is not readily available for ordering from our online web shop. They start at $42/dozen and require a 2 dozen order minimum. To learn more, please see the Menu tab > Sugar Cookies for more information.
  • How Do I Order Cake Pops
    We have 2 options to order cake pops. Pre-Design Cake Pops You can order pre-designed cake pops directly from our online web shop under the Order Tab. These are not customizable and are priced accordingly for quick ordering. Custom Cake Pops Custom cake pops must be ordered via email. We do not make any shaped cake pops or character themed cake pops. Please see examples of our work and to learn more about our flavor and pricing under Menu > Cake Pops To place a custom order please email us at We strive to respond to all emails within 1-2 business days. If you have not heard back from us, please check your SPAM folder, sometimes our emails get filtered. If you still have not heard back from us please give us a call to check in. Sometimes your emails get filtered to us. We don't know why, but we blame Gmail.
  • How Do I Order Cupcakes?
    Standard Cupcakes We have a large selection of cupcakes available in store daily to purchase. These are not customizable and are styled like the flavor they are. Just like a regular cupcake shop. You can also pre-order these cupcakes on our web shop under the Order tab. Custom Cupcakes We only make custom cupcakes with vanilla or chocolate cupcake base with vanilla or chocolate buttercream depending on the the design. We can customize sprinkles for the cupcakes. If you are looking for added embellishments that need to be ordered, it may increase the cost of the cupcakes. We also specialize in buttercream flowers on our cupcakes. We do not work with fondant. Please see our Menu Tab > Cupcakes to learn more.
  • Do You Make Character or Novelty Themed Desserts
    No. Seatown Sweets is a Trademarked brand. Therefore we uphold and abide by the Licensing and Trademark Laws and do not offer character or novelty themed treats which require businesses to have permission to use their creative assests with licensing fees. As a small company, we cannot pay these fees. Therefore, we can make desserts in more whimsical designs or similar colors to your desired theme and recommend searching online for custom cake toppers to go on the cake. What Defines a Character or Novelty Theme? - Any Professional or Collegiate Sports Team - Any Trademarked Brand or Logo - TV/Disney/Movie Characters or Shows
  • What is the Timeline for Custom Orders?
    Our production timeline is dependent on the orders we receive on a first come, first served basis. We recommend reaching out to us as soon as possible. Our recommended ordering timeline is as follows but subject to availability. Custom Cookies: Minimum of 7 day Custom Cake Pops: Minimum of 3-5 days Custom Cupcakes: Minimum of 3-5 days Cakes: Minimum of 7 days* *We do not take last minute custom cake orders. Please see our Order online page for available predesigned cakes. Large Orders (over 250) - We recommend 7-10+ business days
  • Do You Deliver?
    Our days at the bakery are busy so pick up is preferred. We offer delivery to Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville, Bothell and Kenmore that meets our order minimum plus the delivery fee for those areas. Some exclusions may apply. This does not apply to weddings and/or large events, please see our Wedding section for more information on Wedding/Event deliveries. If you are checking out on our online store, enter your address at checkout on the cart review page to populate the associated delivery fee. If delivery is available a fee will show under "shipping." If delivery is not available then "In Store Pick Up" will be the only option. For custom orders, please inquiry about delivery in your email. Delivery Policy When making a delivery, we will leave the product on the front door step if we are unable to make contact with the recipient. If we are not able to make the delivery, the product will return to the bakery and must be picked up within 2 business days or a re-delivery fee will be charged. Reasons we can't make a delivery include: 1) Unable to reach doorstep due to a secured building or property. 2) Incorrect Address 2) Incorrect address open 4) Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Do You Sell Desserts in Store?
    Yes. We have a large selection of desserts in our shop daily. Please see our Daily Shop Menu under the Menu tab to see what is available this month. These desserts can be purchased in smaller/individual quantities and are on a first come basis.
  • UberEats & DoorDash
    You can also order our desserts on UberEats & DoorDash by searching for Seatown Sweets on their website or app. Here you can purchase smaller quantities of desserts and have them delivered locally. Delivery is subject to each app platform.
  • Where Are You Located?
    We are located in Kirkland Totem Lake off of NE 124th ST & Slater AVE NE near Toyota of Kirkland and Lucky 7 Saloon. Address: 12815 NE 124TH ST, Suite Q, Kirkland WA 98034
  • Do You Offer Bulk Discounts
    Due to the custom nature of our products and the labor required to make our desserts with quality and care, we do not offer bulk discounts.
  • Terms & Conditions
    Return/Refunds When you place a custom order, we are making those products specifically for you. Therefore, all sales are final. Payment for custom orders is due by date on invoice to ensure inclusion on our production schedule. An order is not considered confirmed and on the production schedule until payment is made. If the order is cancelled within 7 days of the event/delivery date, the order will still be charged at 100%, and if the product/order was made, it will need to be picked up. No refunds will be given. For any unpaid balances, a 10% per day late fee will incur after invoice date. Orders may be rescheduled depending on the nature of the product and within a minimum of 7 days notice of the event/delivery date with a maximum of 30 days out. If the date is reschuduled after 30 days, no refund will be given and a new order must be replaced. Creative Liberty & Artistic Intrepretation We make all of our desserts in house, by hand, this includes mixing and making colors with food coloring. Variations in color, design, and details are to be expected. We reserve the right to artistic intrepretations on all orders. We will not refund order for this type of discrepancy as we do our best to create desserts that are beautiful and tasteful with the available resources we have.
  • Allergy Concerns
    Seatown Sweets is committed to making a high quality, delicious baked goods for our customers. We produce our baked goods in our shop which is shared with another tenant. While we emphasis clean and sanitized work spaces before we begin our baking, we cannot guarantee against cross contamination from ingredients like wheat, nuts, dairy and other ingredients, some of which are used in our own baked goods. Safety is a number one priority so if you have any concerns or questions about allergies please contact us for more information prior to ordering. Thank you and we look forward to baking for you soon. ​ Things we work with in our bakery: Dairy Eggs Wheat Soy Nuts - Walnuts, Peanuts, Pecans, Hazelnuts
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