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Seatown Sweets is a local, women-owned bakery in Kirkland specializing in sugar cookies, buttercream cakes, cake pops, mini cheesecakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats. All of our desserts are made by hand from scratch baked recipes and we take pride in our delicious flavors that are not overly sweetened with sugar. Our desserts are well balanced and taste as good as they look, truly! Seatown Sweets was founded in 2017 and bakes for all occasions such as weddings, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, anniversaries and any occasion that calls for sweets!


My love for baking began at a very young age when I would bake with my grandmother at Christmas making frosted sugar cookies. Time spent baking are some of my earliest memories. As I got older I learned how to bake on my own with cake mixes and I also had fun playing with melting chocolate and molds. I would also make little goody bags for my friends in school for holidays and enjoyed giving them more than receiving them. 


I studied Communications and Advertising at Washington State University but it wasn't until I got my first apartment and KitchenAid mixer, that I rediscovered my passion for baking. During this time, a website called Pinterest was invented, so the possibilities were endless. Some of my favorite recipes I still use today are from Pinterest.


For several years, I would taking local baking classes, test recipes and blog about them. Through this process, I discovered my craft for buttercream and learned that custom made desserts are hard to come by. That is where the idea for Seatown Sweets came into fruition. 


Nothing makes me happier than baking smiles for people and sharing my desserts. That is where I get the true joy out of my business. I hope you enjoy my website and I look forward to baking for you soon. 


Kayla H.

Owner/Head Baker 

Our Team



Manager & Cake Decorator 

Emily has a creative mind at heart. When she is not baking or decorating cakes, you will find her teaching piano, knitting, crafting or tending to her plants.



Bakery Production Assistant

A busy mom of 4, Natalia finds her peace at the bakery. If she is not busy baking away in the back, you will see her up front helping customers!

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