Custom Cakes

We specialize in delicious buttercream cakes. All of our flavors and pricing is listed below. These are the only sizes and flavors we make for custom orders at this time. 


Looking for a classic style cake? Please visit our Traditional Cake page to learn more. Or order a pre-styled cake from our most popular designs in our online bake shop



Cake Style Definitions

Simple - a cake with minimal buttercream piping, a simple outer frosting or texture and/or no additional flourishes, white buttercream or chocolate buttercream.

Detailed - a cake with detailed piping, flourishes, dyed frosting, multiple frosting colors or color gradients (ombre), sprinkles and overall more labor involved. 

Elaborate- a cake with the whole nine yard, including but not limited to the "detailed" cake description plus other elements or materials such as ganache drip, gold leaf, chocolate details, custom frosting colors and overall very labor intensive. Some details and garnishes may increase the price from the chart below.

**Most custom cakes fall in the Detailed or Elaborate style. Please send us a picture of your desired cake to determine the scope of work and final price** See photo roll above or our cake photo gallery for examples of our work. 

Our Custom Cake Flavors

Basic Cakes 
Basic cakes come with 3 cake layers and 2 fillings layers and are approximately 4-5" high. 

Basic Vanilla - Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream.

Basic Chocolate - Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream. 

Basic Black & White - Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream. 

Smash Cake - Our Smash Cakes come in  a 4" Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Only. Please see our FAQ section below for more details. 

Cake Pricing  
*servings size is approx. 1" slice for round cakes. Pricing may vary depending on customization and extra details.
Please see the below chart for pricing. If viewing on a mobile phone, click the drop down arrows.
Classic Cakes 
Classic cakes come with 3 cake layers and 2 fillings layers and are approximately 4-5" high. 
Classic Vanilla - Vanilla cake with white chocolate mousse filling and vanilla buttercream.

Classic Chocolate - Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and vanilla or chocolate buttercream. 

Classic Black & White - Chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse filing and vanilla or chocolate buttercream. 

​​Red Velvet - Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. 

Please see pricing chart below.

Signature Cakes

Signature cakes come with 3 cake layers and 2 fillings layers and are approximately 4-5" high. The outside of the cake is typically frosted with our signature vanilla buttercream unless otherwise specified.

Vanilla Raspberry - Vanilla Cake with Raspberry and White Chocolate Mousse Filling.

Vanilla Blueberry – Vanilla Cake with Blueberry Curd and Vanilla Mousse Filling.

Chocolate Raspberry - Chocolate Cake with Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse Filling.

Chocolate Obsession- Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Ganache Filling with Chocolate Buttercream. (Optional: Vanilla Buttercream on exterior)

Lemon - Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd and Vanilla Mousse Filling.

Oreo Cake - Chocolate Cake with Oreo Infused Chocolate Ganache and Oreo Buttercream Filling.

Please see pricing chart below.

Frequently asked questions

How Soon Should I Order a Custom Cake?

All our cakes are made to order. We do not carry cakes in the shop daily. Therefore we recommend a minimum of 7 days. Orders are fullfilled on a first come, first served basis. Our production schedule can fill up more than 7 days in advance, and custom cake orders are subject to availabilty.

Can You Substitute Ingredients?

No. All of our recipes are tested and perfect to our baking standards. They are then approved by the Department of Agriculture for production. We can not omit or replace ingredients. Additionally we do not accept any outside recipes.

How Big Are Your Cakes?

Diameter Our custom cakes come in a 4" smash cake, 6" or 8" size cake Height Our cakes include 3 cake layers and 2 filling layers. They are about 5" tall. All our cakes are round. We do not make any other shape cakes. We do not make sheet cakes.

How Do I Place a Custom Cake Order

1) First determine what size cake you need. We only make custom cakes in 6" or 8" sizes. Please see our pricing chart for the quantity of servings in each cake. 2) Determine your budget. 3) Choose your flavor. We offer 3 flavor categories, Basic, Classic or Signature cake flavors depending on your budget. 4) Style - this is going to be determine based on the labor and materials of the cake. A cake that may look "simple" may infact be more elaborate than you think. 5) Send us an email - one you have determined the above 4 steps, please send us an email with a picture of your inspiration cake. PLEASE PUT THE DATE IN THE SUBJECT LINE example "custom cake order for 1/10/21" EMAIL US INFO@SEATOWNSWEETS.COM We do not take custom cake orders via phone or walk in. All details must be arranged via email for order accuracy. Please see our photo gallery or Instagram for cake examples or send us a picture from the internet. Please not we do not make any cakes with fondant. We only work with buttercream.

Why Are Custom Cakes More Expensive?

Custom cakes not only take the time to bake and assemble, but often times there is additional consultation and design work that needs to happen before we can make an idea into reality. Additionally, custom cakes can require special and intricate details, custom colors or additional ingredients and garnishes. Each custom cake is made for YOU and only you. And we want to make sure that we get it right. Often times a custom cake can take a full day to make and we want to make sure that we are able to pay our talented cake artists their fair wage.

Allergy Concerns?

If you have an allergy concern about our cakes please let us know. However all of our cakes contain eggs, wheat and dairy. Certain flavors may contain soy. We do not offer any egg-less cakes at this time. We are not able to accomodate allergy sensitivity cakes at this time. we do not substitute ingredients in our recipes. If you are looking for an allergen friendly bakery? We recommend PCC Natural Markets.

What's the Difference Between a Custom Cake & Traditional Cake?

Our traditional cakes are styled in a way that is similar to any bakery you may walk into. You look at the cake and can say "oh that's a carrot cake" or "that's a chocolate cake." They are styled to look like the flavor they represent. Custom cakes are everythign outside of that. They are specifically made for you to go with a party theme or popular trends. Examples include: Unicorn cakes, drip cakes, galaxy cakes, and more. To see more examples of our custom cakes, visit our custom cake photo gallery.

What Types of Custom Cakes Do You Make?

We only make our cakes in buttercream frosting (exterior). We do not make any cakes in fondant or with fondant details. Our style of cakes is more whimsical and on trend with buttercream styles like piped buttercream, drip cakes and so forth. We do not make any character cakes or noveltry cakes. IE: Frozen, Paw Patrol, Batman, Barbie, Coco Chanel, University Logos etc. All of those cakes have rights that are trademarked and we are not able to utilize their likeness in any way. We do not make any shaped cakes.

What Are Smash Cakes?

Smash cakes are a small 4" size cake specifically made for a baby's first birthday. These cakes are for the baby to smash into and are a fun photo memory. These cakes are not intended to be a "personal size cake." Because these cakes are so small, details are limited on them. Our smash cakes only come in vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling. We do not make them in another other flavor. All our other flavor cakes require a minimum cake size of 6 inches. You can order some of our customer favorite and popular designs on our online store. Or you can request a custom cake design. You can also see example of our past work in our photo gallery. All smash cakes are made with buttercream. We do not make fondant cakes. We do not substitue flavors or ingredients. We do no make cakes with "low sugar" a good low sugar option is our naked smash cake.