Custom Cake Pops

Why does everyone rave about our custom cake pops? - because of our "not-so-secret" ingredient - we don't use frosting! Unlike most cake pops that are over sweet and leave you in a sugar coma, we omit the frosting that most recipes call for and use a small amount of vanilla creamer, if any at all. Our cake is so moist because they are baked from scratch, we really don't need much to hold it together. So what you are left with is a delicious, moist cake pop with half the amount of sugar and all the amount of fun. 

We do not make any shaped cake pops or novelty/character themed cake pops.

To see examples of our cake pops, please visit our Photo Gallery page.  

Flavors: Chocolate or Vanilla  

Style Options:

"Stick Up" - Cake pops come on a slightly shorter stick, that sticks up for easy grabbing and works better on a plate or platter.  

"Stick Down" - Cake Pops come in a white pastry box that doubles as a stand and look like a "lollipop"


"Stick Up" Style - Starting at $42/dozen. Minimum 2 dozen per order per flavor.

"Stick Down" Style - Starting at $48/dozen. Minimum 2 dozen per order, per flavor. 

*Extra decorations or embellishments may increase price. 

Daily Selection Cake Pops

We also carry pre-styled cake pops in our store daily. These are not customizable. Please see our Daily Shop Menu to see available flavors.

Pre-Styled Cake Pops

We have a small selection of our most popular themed cake pops available to purchase in our online shop. These can be purchased directly online.